About the Classes...

Once Upon a Ballet (Fairy Tale ballet classes)
Twinkle Steps Dance (parent/tot) 18ms-2.5yrs
Tippy Toes Dance & Tumble (parent/tot) 15ms-2yrs
​Tiny Tutus (3 yrs)

Twinkle Steps, Tippy Toes Dance, Tiny Tutus, 
​These classes are designed for the very young dancer. We learn ballet movements in a fun and creative way. We have a unique program that engages the students and its also very fun! Children BECOME a part of our Fairy Tale story, while learning age appropriate ballet movements, all while dancing with new friends.

Enchanted Movement ​(4yr)

​Intro to ballet for ages 4 yrs. This classes focuses on large motor skills while learning basic ballet movements, all to a fun and engaging Fairy Tale story curriculum, where the child BECOMES part of the Fairy Tale story.

I'M A Ballerina Syllabus (pre-Primary/Primary Ballet)
Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet ​(5-7 yrs old)

These classes are an introduction to age appropriate Ballet movements and continue to build upon the large motor skills that incorporate ballet movements. Based on the I'm a Ballerina Syllabus. In this class dancers feel like REAL ballerinas!

Vaganova Ballet Syllabus Classes (1-6+)
Ballet I w/ Character

​Beginner ballet for age 7 & up. Barre work is emphasized, along with center work and correct placement for ballet technique. Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) will be introduced at the beginning of class along with ​Character Dance at the end of class. 

Ballet 2/3 w/Character dance

Ballet II & III build upon what is learned in Ballet I. More Barre work is introduced, along with longer center work. Pre-Pointe is introduced at this level so the girls can build more strength for Pointe shoes. (PBT) will be utilized at the beginning of class to enhance the ballet training. Character dance is introduced at the end of the class, and it compliments the ballet technique

Ballet  4/5 w/ Beginner Pointe 

Ballet IV/V is geared toward the student who is 12 years of age and older. The Pointe assessment test is given and students are working on Pre-pointe strengthening or beginner Pointe work. Pointe shoes are given to those who are ready.

Ballet 6+ Int./Adv. Ballet w/ Pointe

This class is an Intermediate/Advanced ballet technique class with a 30 minute pointe class. Dancers need to get Director approval for this level. 

Tap & Jazz classes

Tap: Beginner 

All of our Tap classes are taught in the Broadway style tap. Students in the lower levels will learn all the basic steps needed to move along to the upper levels.
Int./Adv classes will learn Time steps, pull back, wings, and other advanced tap skills.

Jazz /Hip-Hop Classes
Jazzy Juniors: Preschool level age 4-6
Jazzy Juniors Preschool HH is a fun, energetic and engaging class. This Class is for younger students and is all age appropriate jazz and HH moves. Exciting new songs will be taught such as Unique Unicorn, Broadway Bound, Do it like a Rock Star & many, many more. If your child is FULL of energy and needs to move, move, move, this is the class for them Great for both Boys & Girls!
Beginner Jazz/HH 1 & 2
Jazz classes are taught with Jazz technique and a taste of Hip-hop. 
​Jazz movements are introduced and executed properly at all levels. Students will hone their dance technique and have fun while dancing to the latest music. Movements from Hip-hop are from Tik-Tock videos and music videos.

Contemporary Jazz

This class is for ages 6+ and explores the dance styles of Modern and lyrical jazz. Kids learn a mix of movements and is great for kids who are not interested in ballet.

Preschool Tumbling (Tumbling Tots & Tiny Tumblers)

This is an Open Gym tumbling class for ages 12ms-3.5yrs. Kids learn log rolls, forward rolls, and they get to experience all the different equipment and play fun parachute games.

Acro/Tumble classes: Ages: 2.5+
Tiny Tumblers (ages 2.5-3yrs)
This class is more like an Open Gym and the little ones get to explore all the different equipment as they choose, guided by out teacher and assistants
Acro/Tumble 1 (Basic Tumblers)

This is a basic tumbling class for ages 4 to 6 years of age. kids will learn forward rolls, log rolls, low balance beam skills, mini parallel bar skills, mini trampoline skills 

Acro/Tumble 2 & 3
(Terrific Tumblers & Amazing Acrobats)

In these classes students will learn the gymnastics skills needed to progress. In  Acro 2 students will learn cartwheels, ​round-off, rolls, handstands, and beam work. In Acro II students will learn walk-overs, Handsprings and more Tumbling routines. Both classes will also learn trampoline skills.

Acro 4 (Fabulous Flippers & Aerial Acrobats

These classes are for ages 10+ who want to focus on specific skills to master, like their handsprings, or Aerials or any other skills needed for Cheer or Acro.

2022/2023 Classes

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